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Encourage, Support, Educate

Focus OKC

Focus OKC is a Dynamic Display of the nation’s top Chiropractic Leaders. A Seminar to Beat All Seminars. For Chiropractors, and those that love it. Founded by Dr. Tim Young in 2010, Focus OKC strives to Encourage, Support, Educate, and Challenge Chiropractic Physicians and students, Using a Pure, Philosophical Approach to Chiropractic.

July 20-21 2018 - Cox Convention center OKC

2018 Speakers

Focus okc

Dr. Tim Young

Dr. Roberto Monaco

Dr. Steve Judson

Dr. Ryan Rieder

Dr. Del Bigtree

Dr. Dean DePice

Dr. Mike Reid

Dr. Shannon Black

Dr. George B. Curry

Dr. Rebecca Lindsmith

Dr. Amanda Dee Richardson

Dr. Donald Gibson

Dr. Irene Gold

Dr. Peter Morgan

Dr. John Bergman

Dr. Edgar Everrett

Colton Wood | Parker University

Jamal Füster | Life University


Michael Cohen | Sherman University

Corey Belt | Cleveland University

I was a struggling doctor. Deep in the struggle. Lost. Unhappy. Then, I went to my first FOCUS and my whole life changed in a weekend.

This train is in momentum. What is unique about Focus is its concentration on traditional chiropractic values, and nothing else. That’s all you’ll get at this conference.

Thank you!! It was my first time and it will not be the last, loved every minute!