Dr. Tim Young has perfected a system that will help you create the results he has seen while building his world-class chiropractic practice. Dr. Young has spent over two decades building one of the most successful practices in the world and wants to help you do the same.

Focus Foundations

Be Focused. Be Determined.

Online video program that teaches every detail of how I run my practice so you can look over my shoulder and do the same.


Welcome to Focus Foundations!

With over two decades in the Chiropractic industry, I’m still seeing record-breaking results and growth while working fewer hours. I’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of adjustments and become a master at my technique, yet I am able to maintain an incredible work-life balance!

In this program, I’ve deconstructed my thoughts, actions, words, movements, office… everything just for you!

Each week, for the first 10 weeks, you will gain access to a new Foundation starting with Philosophy. This program is designed to look at everything, from personal to your practice. I believe you have to be right with who you are before you can serve anyone else!

Watch the videos multiple times so you get the very best out of each one. You won’t be disappointed.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I look forward to helping you build the practice of your dreams.

What Our Members Have to Say

"All time record week! 231 PV; Practice up 20% 3 Months After Joining Focus Foundations. Thank you!"
Kelvin B.
From Dallas, Texas
17 Weeks into Focus: 64% Increase This Week. From Average of 75 to 123pv!
Zasha S.
From Australia
161 PVS TODAY! Another Record Day! We Keep Breaking Our New Records!
Frank J.
From Japan
An Absolute Pinnacle of Chiropractic Events. I get so much out of everytime I attend, It's an annual pilgrimage from Utah in July. Excellent speakers, excellent venue, and it's all about the Chiropractic Understanding - Focus is very apt name for this event. Thank you Tim Young.
Spencer E.
From London, UK

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