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Focus OKC has built the reputation as THE MUST ATTEND Chiropractic Seminar in the Midwest !  A collection of todays top leaders gathering to deliver the pure message of chiropractic.

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I was a struggling doctor. Deep in the struggle. Lost. Unhappy. Then, I went to my first FOCUS and my whole life changed in a weekend.

This train is in momentum. What is unique about Focus is its concentration on traditional chiropractic values, and nothing else. That’s all you’ll get at this conference.

Thank you!! It was my first time and it will not be the last, loved every minute!


Dr. Tim Young

Dr. Tim Young

Dr. Tim Young was born and raised in Springfield, MO. After graduating in 1994 from Cleveland Chiropractic School in Kansas City, MO, Dr.Young and his family relocated to Oklahoma City where he began his own practice, Young Chiropractic. Dr. Young is currently the Founder and President of The Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association, Founder and President of the national chiropractic education seminar company Focus OKC. Along with running one of the more successful chiropractic offices in the Nation, Dr. Young excels in maintaining a balanced life and keeps his Family his first priority. Along his side is his wife Shannon, and 3 children, Ashlee, Alasha, and Aryion, and now a grandson, Copeland. Dr. Young maintains a mission to serve his community and patients with love, compassion and gratitude.

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